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5 in 5: An Interview with Alicia Starkey, Administrative Assistant at Special Tree's Neuro Skills Center in Troy

Many thanks to blog contributor Daniel M., a Special Tree client who shared a mock interview he did with a staff member at Troy Neuro Skills Center.  According to Daniel's Recreational Therapist Grace DeMuch, the interviews are designed for the purpose of listening for "free information" within a person's response to come up with additional questions to keep a back and forth dialogue going with the interviewee.  Nice work, Daniel!

1.      Describe yourself using 5 words.
“Honest, caring, hardworking, independent, assertive.”

2.      What are 3 things you’ve never done before, but would like to try?
“Take a cruise to someplace warm, parasail, and hand glide.”

3.      What do you like best about working at Special Tree?
“I feel like I’m appreciated and that I made a difference.”


4.      What do you like best about your job”
“The people…clients and staff.  I feel like we’re a family.”


5.      If you could trade places with any staff member, who would it be and why?
“I’d be a Recreational Therapist because I love their creativity and their ability to make therapy enjoyable.”