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Beating the Winter Blues

By: Jessica Bahny
Activities Assistant, NCC

As everyone can tell, the weather recently has been less than wonderful.  Here at NCC, we don’t let that get us down!  We’ve been finding places to go and things to see to break us all out of the winter doldrums.  In the past couple of months, we’ve had some very successful outings to some local, yet under appreciated places.  My co-worker Kari, our leader, Amy, and myself have been putting our heads together planning at least one larger outing each month.  This allows our clients to get out in a group with both Kari and me.  This is something that’s proven to be great, because it allows our clients to experience that sense of camaraderie.  Plus, the more the merrier, right?!  Some of our most recent trips have been as close as Ann Arbor, and right “next door” in Belleville.  Kari and I took some of our clients to the University of Michigan museum of Natural History.  We saw some of Michigan’s signature critters, like bobcats, various species of wild birds, and even a wolverine!  We were able to read about the different dinosaurs, and other ancient people that may have inhabited our local area millions of years ago.  We also took two clients to the Matthai Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor.  What a treat!  Nothing breaks your case of winter blues like tropical trees and plants!  Imagine seeing a banana tree, cacao tree, and pineapple plant in the middle of winter!  Not to mention various flowering cactus plants and beautiful olive and fig trees.  We also went for a good dose of aviation history by visiting Yankee Air Museum right here in Belleville.  We learned that Willow Run Airport actually built the planes used for combat in WWII.  We were able to see several WWI, WWII, and Vietnam-era planes and helicopters.  Our clients Gardy, Brandon and Richard K. even had their picture made in the cockpit of a WWII jet!  The staff at Yankee Air museum were knowledgeable, friendly, and very accommodating.  They even invited us to the air show this summer, which we’re hoping to attend.  As I write this, Spring has sprung, and we hope the weather cooperates soon!  Next up- Tiger’s games, a trip to the Monroe Historical Museum, and of course the annual Spring Fling!  I’ll keep everyone posted on our travels and happenings- stay tuned!