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Behavioral Sciences

The heart of Special Tree's Behavior Treatment program is to help people regain personal control over their lives. Qualified Behavior Specialists guide the interdisciplinary treatment teams to help the person learn to manage their own behavior, learn effective and appropriate ways to interact with others, and strategies for dealing with their moods and feelings. Success in these areas is critical for success in overall rehabilitation goals.

Unlike many traditional programs, Special Tree's approach to Behavior Treatment does not focus on undesirable behavior, but rather on providing meaningful alternatives and reinforcing adaptive behavior. And by maximizing the number of choices the person has, staff are able to encourage behavior consistent with growth, recovery, and enhanced rehabilitation. By learning functional and compensatory skills, the person gradually expands their involvement and interaction with their surroundings. This, combined with the use of advanced measurement technology, provides the person with freedom to participate in daily activities at their own pace–greatly increasing their level of independence.