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Beverly Hills and Greenbriar Clients: Thursday Update from South Carolina

As told to Angie Folkwein
Residential Best Practices
Program Coordinator

Clients and staff from our Beverly Hills Community Residence (clients Laura, "Mr. Benny", and Dennis and staff Michelle-APL, Mary-RST, and Kim-RPM) and from the Greenbriar Community Residence (clients Stanley, Ilene, Joanna, and Mike and staff Pat- RST, Conswaylo-RST, and Tequella-RPM) hit the road this week for a trip to South Carolina.

Kim writes in with the latest update on their trip:

On Wednesday, we went to the Mrytle Beach State Park where we enjoyed the weather and had a nice picnic. After that, we all went shopping. [What's a trip without shopping!]

In the afternoon we went out on the pier of the Atlantic Ocean to watch the shark fishing. We followed it up with dinner at Ultimate California Pizza. YUM.

The people here are super nice. They all remak this is a wonderful thng that we are doing with our clients. Mike said that he would like to come back. When staff told Ilene we are leaving Thursday, she said no, that she wants to stay and is not ready to come home yet!