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What do you get when you have 17 Rehab Service Technicians wielding 17 chef’s knives for 3 hours under the guidance of a Taekwondo champion? A fabulous lunch of stir fry vegetable chicken; cilantro chicken salad and watermelon, strawberry and mint salad for 20 people! 

Thanks to Special Tree's own culinary stars, Courtney Barrett, OTRL and Amanda Pennington, MA,CCC-SLP from Special Tree's NeuroCare Center North for a great culinary lesson. Everyone learned and practiced how to plank, julienne and dice onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, peaches and watermelon.
Courtney then provided a Food Network quality demonstration on simple marinades to use before baking chicken and how fresh herbs like mint and cilantro can be thrown into creations at the last minute for a delicious salad and stir fry.

Referencing the fresh foods, Amanda reviewed the specifications of modified diets many of our clients require. She made sure everyone knew foods included on an edentulous soft diet are dime size cuts or smaller.