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Comerica Park did it again!

By Jessica Bahny
Activities Team
NeuroCare Center

My co-worker Nicole and I were able to take two more of our clients, Clay G. and Willie B.,  to a Tigers Game on September 9th.  It was another day game, beginning at 1:05.  What a perfect day!  Great temps, and the sky was gorgeous!  After an uneventful drive, though, we were in for a sort of unpleasant surprise.  The staff member at Comerica Park told me that there were absolutely no handicapped accessible seats in the WHOLE park.  Amy, our activity coordinator, had called before we left, and was told there were quite a few seats available. The staff member looked for about 15 minutes, and still could find nothing.  I was really sad, because I knew how much the guys were looking forward to it.  I think she could see how much it meant to us to go, because she disappeared and came back with 4 tickets located in THE TIGER’S DEN!!!  We were so close to the game, we could read names on the back of the jerseys!  Who needs the big game screen?!  Once again, we were treated with the utmost courtesy.  The staff even removed chairs to make room for our clients’ wheelchairs.  I do need to add that the chairs themselves are fabulous.  They are cushioned, and we got our own tables!  The tigers won against the Chicago White Sox.  To cap of a fabulous day, the four of us got our picture made in front of the Ernie Harwell statue.  Both Clay and Willie were so excited about the seats, and it was once again a huge privilege for me to be able to be a part of a special day for them.