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COVID-19 Update

We've heard from EMTs who are dropping off clients, consulting physicians from other facilities, case managers, and others who say, "Whatever you are doing at Special Tree, keep it up. It's working!" We are celebrating 5 client recoveries and 12 staff recoveries. We are so grateful to our staff for keeping up with all of our precautions, and for the patience of the families and friends of our clients who have adhered to the visitor restrictions and the difficulty of being separated for such a prolonged period of time.

We currently have one admitted Special Tree client with an active COVID-19 positive case. To date, of approximately 150 clients in our system, 7 have tested positive for the virus.  Of 650 employees, 19 have tested positive. We continue to protect our clients and staff in as many ways as possible to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We're honoring nurses! It's National Nurse's Week, and we're celebrating our incredible Special Tree nursing team and nurses everywhere.

  • Special Tree is fortunate to have nurses on staff who play a number of critical roles within our system. We have nurses who are on-site 24/7 at our NeuroCare Campus, residential nurses who help manage care at our other facilities as well as nurses who play vital roles in case management, marketing, and other areas.
  • We're especially grateful to have such a dedicated and professional nursing team who have been leading the charge in our COVID-19 infection control practices and who continue to care for our clients in so many important ways.

This Week’s Update:

  • The Saginaw Outpatient Clinic has reopened for essential rehabilitation services. 
    We have implemented enhanced practices for disinfecting equipment, social distancing measures, use of PPE, staggering client therapy sessions, and more to ensure the continued safety and protection of our clients, staff, and communities.
  • Therapy services for clients at the NeuroCare Campus have been slowly migrating from in-room therapy to use of the therapy clinic, ZeroG, and other equipment.
  • Tele-Health also continues to be available for many therapy disciplines.
  • Our Greenhouse Coordinator has returned to NCC and is readying for spring.
  • Visitor restrictions will continue until they are lifted from the State of Michigan.  We are considering options for visitors once the Stay-at-Home orders are lifted which would still help us prevent the spread of the virus, such as outdoor visits from a distance to enable clients to connect with their families and loved ones.
  • Last weekend’s warm weather was wonderful and staff and clients were able to get outside to enjoy spring.

We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on the steps we’re taking in response to COVID-19 and encourage you to reach out to your Case Manager or Residential Program Manager with your questions and concerns.