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COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your continued support as we respond to the rapdily changing landscape of COVID-19. 

We had one team member test positive at the NeuroCare Center this week, with an additional team member test pending. In response to the COVID-19 exposure, all NeuroCare clients were tested on July 1st and we’re happy to report there are no clients with active cases of COVID-19 in our system.  As a reminder we are updating our data graphs frequently which track active and total COVID-19 cases on our website where you can follow along for current information.

Anytime there is a positive COVID-19 case at facilities like the NeuroCare Center, the State of Michigan mandates that Special Tree do weekly testing at the NeuroCare Center until there are no new positive cases. During this time, knowing the COVID-19 status of clients and staff each week helps the COVID-19 team to make decisions about the additional protocols needed to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep our clients and staff safe and healthy.

With the good news of no active client COVID-19 cases this week, the COVID-19 team is easing some of the additional precautions that were put in place at the NeuroCare Center last week.

Here are the latest updates:

  • The in-room quarantine for clients at the NeuroCare Center was lifted on July 3rd in response to COVID-19 test results.  Clients can now leave their rooms for activities and structured outdoor opportunities, but communal dining continues to be suspended.  Specific safety protocols are still in place throughout the building to support social distancing and safe infectious control practices.
  • Non-essential outside appointments and client outings for clients at the NeuroCare Center will resume on Monday, July 13th.
  • Consulting Physician visits to the NeuroCare Center will resume on July 13th pending meeting testing requirements.
  • Wayne Outpatient Therapy, which had recently restarted at the NeuroCare Center, is temporarily suspended and will resume on July 24th for Outpatient and Wayne Residential clients.
  • Residential clients in Oakland/Macomb counties resumed Outpatient Therapy at the Troy Neuro Skills Center on July 6th, as they were not impacted by the exposure at the NeuroCare Center.
  • The Oakland/Macomb and Wayne Day Treatment Services programs for Residential clients are temporarily suspended at least through July 24th. 
  • Visitor restrictions at the NeuroCare Center and our Residential homes continue through July 24th. These comply with the Executive Orders currently in place through the State of Michigan.
  • Most services are up and running at the Troy Neuro Skills Center and Saginaw Outpatient Clinic.  
  • Our Discover Summer team was excited to welcome back students this week at the Troy Neuro Skills Center.  Special Tree’s 5-week therapeutic summer program kicked off on July 7th. With weather permitting, most activities will be outside, including the Teen Vocational program. The program will be closely monitored by the Pediatric Rehabilitation and COVID-19 teams throughout the summer to keep our clients, staff, and communities safe.
  • We are aggressively managing our supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and following best practices for disinfecting and cleaning the facility
  • Our staff continue to follow protocols including the use of PPE, self-temping prior to coming to work, screening and symptom checks at the door, social distancing, and more.