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COVID-19 Update | March 12, 2021

We were notified today that a team member at the NeuroCare Campus tested positive for COVID-19.  Although we've had to temporarily cancel visitation, we just received some wonderful late breaking news from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) that visitation can still occur during a COVID-19 outbreak at skilled nursing facilities if certain conditions are met.   These new visitation guidelines mean we won't have to shutdown every time there is a positive case at the NeuroCare Campus.  We're hopeful to begin lifting visitor restrictions next week, instead of waiting 14 days for no new cases.  

The new guidelines are based on updates from the CDC and CMS - Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services that say visits can still occur during a COVID-19 outbreak at skilled nursing facilities as long as the virus’s spread appears to be contained to one area and that visits may still take place in other areas if tests show no new cases elsewhere in the facility.  We also want to emphasize that the new guidelines also lessen visitation rules for people who are vaccinated.   Please consider vaccination when it is offered to you and continue your efforts to minimize the spread of the virus through frequent hand-washing, wearing a mask, and social distancing.  

As always, thank you for your ongoing patience and support as we respond to the rapidly changing COVID-19 landscape.  We're excited that the MDHHS is starting to relax guidelines for family and friends to see their loved ones in person and look forward to seeing you soon!  We'll continue to keep you updated as we have news and encourage you to reach out to your Case Manager with your questions and concerns.