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COVID-19 Update | May 14. 2021

Happy Friday! It's been a very good week at the NeuroCare Campus.

  • We completed our CARF Survey with flying colors!
  • We hosted another successful vaccine clinic at NCC on Tuesday.
  • Family and friends who are fully vaccinated can now visit their fully vaccinated loved one without restrictions.
  • Routine testing is no longer required for vaccinated staff.
  • We continue to have no new COVID-19 cases at NCC!

Thank you to everyone for doing your part to get us here! We appreciate the tremendous efforts of our staff throughout the pandemic and their unwavering care for our clients and team members. You rock!

Do New Mask Guidelines Impact Special Tree?

Michigan is lifting mask requirements for most indoor and outdoor settings for fully vaccinated residents, matching newly issued guidance from the CDC. Many are wondering if they can take off their mask at Special Tree if vaccinated. For now, Special Tree is keeping our current practice until the MDHHS issues further guidance for NCC which is anticipated soon. The COVID-19 Watch Team is preparing to align with any guidance from the state. More details to come!


Important Visitation Reminders:

  • Families and friends (age 12+) who are fully vaccinated are now free to visit vaccinated clients anywhere at NCC including their room, therapy, and the dining room between our established visiting hours of 1pm – 5pm daily including weekends.
  • Vaccinated visitors will be given a badge that must be visible during their visit. Visitors who do not have a visible NCC-issued badge will not be allowed in the building.
  • Non-vaccinated clients, family, and friends will need to continue our previous visitation protocols including scheduled visits, COVID-19 testing, visits in designated area, and monitoring during visitation.
  • COVID-19 screenings, temperature checks, and masks are still required for ALL visitors.
  • Special Tree currently meets the MDHHS visitation requirement that at least 70% of clients are vaccinated. Our current Campus vaccination rate is 75%.

COVID-19 Testing Updates:

  • Wayne County's positivity rate is rapidly declining and is now below 10%. Unvaccinated staff are still required to test weekly when the positivity rate falls below 10%.
  • The MDHHS no longer requires routine testing for vaccinated staff.
  • Weekly testing will be required of ALL clients and staff if we experience an outbreak on the NeuroCare Campus until 14 days after the last new positive case, regardless of vaccination status.

More Updates

  • The COVID-19 Team is revising current protocols to safely lift restrictions on community outings and LOAs within the next few weeks. More details to come.

We'll continue to administer rapid tests to outpatient clients in the NCC Lobby 15 minutes prior to their scheduled therapy session. A new rapid test is required every 72 hours so testing frequency will depend on each client's weekly therapy schedule