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COVID-19 Update | May 28, 2021

Things continue to improve in Wayne County and here at Special Tree. The county positivity rate is now at 7.7% and visitation can resume on June 2nd if we have no new positive cases.

  • Our last round of outbreak testing for NeuroCare Campus North clients was completed this week. The last round of testing for NeuroCare Center staff will be completed next week.
  • When our outbreak period is completed on June 2nd, routine testing will continue weekly for non-vaccinated staff. Routine testing is no longer required for fully vaccinated staff. Any staff that is symptomatic or has a known exposure to COVID-19 will be tested. All outbreak testing will continue whenever necessary.
  • As we continue to lift restrictions on fully vaccinated visitors, the COVID-19 team is evaluating our current practice to administer a rapid test to outpatient clients 15 minutes prior to their therapy session regardless of their vaccination status. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • All new admissions to Special Tree are required to be quarantined/isolated for 14 days unless they are fully-vaccinated. When a client is symptomatic, regardless of vaccination status, our current protocol is to automatically isolate to rule out COVID-19.

Visitation Updates:

  • When visitation resumes on June 2nd, visiting hours will remain limited from 1pm - 5pm daily. The COVID-19 Team will evaluate expanding hours as well as LOA's in the coming weeks.
  • Families and friends (age 12+) who are fully vaccinated will be able to visit vaccinated clients anywhere at NCC including their room, therapy, and the dining room between our established visiting hours.
  • Vaccinated visitors will be given a badge that must be visible during their visit. Visitors who do not have a visible NCC-issued badge will not be allowed in the building.
  • Non-vaccinated clients, family, and friends will continue our previous visitation protocols including scheduled visits, COVID-19 testing, visits in designated area, and monitoring during visitation.
  • COVID-19 screenings, temperature checks, and masks will still be required for ALL visitors.
  • Special Tree currently meets the MDHHS visitation requirement that at least 70% of clients are vaccinated. Our current Campus vaccination rate is 75%.

Masking Update

  • At this time, the COVID-19 Team has made the decision to continue requiring masks at the NeuroCare Campus. We realize there’s been changes in masking regulations and will continue to evaluate our current practices to maintain the health and safety of our clients and staff.

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  • This chart provides a handy run-down of activities that are safer when you’re fully vaccinated.