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COVID-19 Update | May 7, 2021

Visitation Expanding for Fully Vaccinated Family & Friends

Great news!  Beginning next Thursday, May 13th, clients, family, and friends (age 12+) who are fully vaccinated can visit at the NeuroCare Campus without restrictions.  Those who are not vaccinated will need to continue our current visitation guidelines.
New NeuroCare Campus Visitation Guidelines:

  • Indoor visiting hours for fully vaccinated clients and their visitors will be from
    1pm – 5pm daily including weekends.  No appointment required!
  • There will be no designated visitation area for fully vaccinated clients and their visitors.  Clients and their visitors are free to visit throughout the building including in their rooms and during their therapy sessions in the clinic.
  • Vaccinated clients can hug or hold hands with visiting family members or friends as long as they wear masks and perform proper hand hygiene before and after contact with the client.  Vaccinated clients assigned to a private room may enjoy visits in their rooms with vaccinated family/friends without wearing a mask. 
  • No children (i.e., anyone 12 years and younger) in the building remains a visitation limitation at this time.
  • COVID-19 screenings, temperature checks, and masks are still required for all visitors
  • Non-vaccinated clients, family, and friends will need to continue our current visitation protocol including scheduled visits, COVID-19 testing, visits in designated area, and monitoring during visitation. 

More Updates:

  • The MDHHS announced today that routine testing is no longer required for NCC staff who are fully vaccinated! Mandatory weekly testing will still be required for unvaccinated staff until Wayne County's positivity rate falls below 10%. The MDHHS revised its epidemic order for COVID-19 testing in long-term care facilities across the state to reflect current guidance from the CDC.
  • Testing continues to be required under the following circumstances:
    • Weekly testing of all residents and staff in facilities experiencing an outbreak (any facility-acquired positive cases among residents or staff) until 14 days after the last new positive case, regardless of vaccination.
    • Weekly testing of all unvaccinated staff.
  • At this time, NCC remains COVID-19 free. All PCR tests from Heavlin clients came back negative this week and visitation has resumed for all NCC clients.
  • We'll continue to administer rapid tests to outpatient clients in the NCC Lobby 15 minutes prior to their scheduled therapy session. A new rapid test is required every 72 hours so testing frequency will depend on each client's weekly therapy schedule.