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COVID-19 Update | November 10, 2020

Since our last communication on November 9, 2020, three team members have tested positive for COVID-19 including one staff at Troy Neuro Skills Center (Oakland), one staff at Tyler II Residence (Wayne), and one staff at Riverview Residence (Wayne). All three staff are on a 14-day quarantine. At this time, we have no active cases of COVID-19 for clients in our system. As a reminder, you can follow pending and active cases on our website.
As we have expressed many times, our goal at Special Tree remains first and foremost to do all we can to slow or prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to keep our clients, staff, and communities healthy and safe.  At ALL Special Tree locations, our continued strategies to follow universal precautions, wisely use PPE, and follow the latest guidelines from the CDC and MDHHS are more critical than ever to protect our clients and staff.  

As a result of the new reported cases, the COVID-19 Watch Team has activated the following safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Special Tree has initiated contact tracing to identify, monitor, and support individuals who may have been exposed to the virus.
  • Post-exposure safety protocols are in place at Riverview and Tyler II which includes an in-room quarantine (Riverview), in-home quarantine (Tyler II), full PPE usage, and suspension of all activities and therapy services.
  • We have put additional signs and symptom monitoring in place for clients and staff at Riverview, Tyler II, and Troy Neuro Skills Center.
  • Riverview and Tyler II staff will not travel to other locations nor will other Residential staff work at Riverview or Tyler II until further notice.
  • All family visits to Riverview and Tyler II (both indoor and outdoor) remain suspended until further notice. Closed window visits are still permitted and can be arranged through the Residential Program Manager.
  • Visitor restrictions remain in place at Troy Neuro Skills Center and the facility has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.