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COVID-19 Update | October 29, 2020

We’re happy to report that we have no active COVID-19 cases for clients in our system at this time.  We continue to update our website as we have changes in active cases. 

Due to a team member testing positive at the NeuroCare Center, indoor and outdoor visits are temporarily canceled for 14-days as required by the state and weekly client testing has resumed.  Indoor visits at NCC will start on November 9th if there are NO new cases at the facility.  We’re aware of how difficult this is for everyone and will continue to help you connect with your loved one virtually or through window visits in the meantime.  As a reminder, this does not affect indoor/outdoor visitation at our Residential homes which started this week.  

Here are the latest updates:

NeuroCare Campus

  • On Saturday, October 24th clients, staff, and families were notified that a team member from the NeuroCare Center in Romulus tested positive for COVID-19.  The exposure happened outside the facility and the asymptomatic team member is on a 14-day quarantine until November 6, 2020.
  • Weekly COVID-19 testing for all participating NCC clients and staff resumed on Monday, Oct. 26th and all tests have come back negative.  Mandatory weekly testing will continue for clients and staff until we are COVID-19 free for 28 consecutive days.
  • All community outings including physician appointments are suspended for NCC clients until November 6th as part of a 14-day quarantine requirement by the MDHHS for clients following a positive case at a facility.  Appointments for urgent/emergency care will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Indoor visitation will begin on November 9th if we have NO new positive cases at the facility.

Troy Neuro Skills Center

  • A pediatric outpatient client is on a 14-day quarantine following a high-risk exposure from family members who tested positive and were in the Troy Building last week.  The client is asymptomatic and has tested negative. 
  • All therapists who were directly impacted by the exposure were tested and returned to work this week after negative test results were confirmed. Increased signs and symptoms monitoring will remain in effect for a 14-day post-exposure period.
  • Residential clients impacted by the exposure were temporarily suspended from therapies at Troy until negative results were obtained from all involved therapists. 

Wayne Industrial Operations Center

  • A client in the Wayne IOC program is on a 14-day quarantine until November 9th due to a potential exposure from a family member.  The COVID-19 Watch Team determined the exposure risk to clients and staff at the facility is low and will not suspend services at this time.  All clients and staff were notified of the potential exposure and the facility has been cleaned and disinfected.  

Residential Clients - Wayne County 

  • All services will resume for Residential clients in Wayne County on Monday, November 2nd after services were temporarily suspended from a potential exposure from a team member at the Wabash facility in Romulus.
  • The team member has tested negative and remains on a 14-day quarantine until November 2nd.

Residential Clients - Oakland and Macomb Counties 

  • Residential clients in Oakland and Macomb counties resumed all services at Troy Neuro Skills Center this week after services were temporarily suspended from a potential exposure in Troy Day Treatment Services program.
  • The Residential team member who tested positive remains on a 14-day quarantine and will return to work on Monday, November 2nd.

Residential Indoor Visitation

  • Residential indoor visits began this week on Monday, October 26th as planned. Visitors will be screened and have their temperature taken/recorded. These visits must be scheduled in advance and follow the protocols previously communicated.
  • Indoor visits are temporarily suspended for Residential homes in Van Buren and Saginaw Counties due to their “E” risk level for COVID-19 transmission.  Track the COVID-19 risk levels by county at MI Safe Start Map