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The Divas

When you hear of a diva, it’s easy to envision a sassy fashionista who takes a liking to shopping, makeovers and the latest Hollywood gossip. This is true of some of the world’s most famous divas, and is also the case for Special Tree’s all women, client peer group. Appropriately named…. You guessed it, The Divas.

But this month The Divas took a break from their usual pampering and fashion filled agenda. They rolled up their sleeves and put their manicured hands to work creating holiday gifts at Special Tree’s Wabash Ceramics Studio. When the afternoon of paint and clay was over the girls felt better than after a day at the spa. After all, they had spent time in good company, were up to date on the latest, and had some holiday gifts for their friends and family in hand.

So what’s next for The Divas, who meet monthly? Probably back to catching up over tea and fashion. At least until they want to raise eyebrows again. After all, isn’t being a diva about making everyone wonder what you’ll do next?