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Dressing Sharp for Spring Fling

The Prom Spring Fling is upon us and the clients of Special Tree will be dressed to the nines tonight!

The preparations began with the Diva Night in early April. Through a series of donations Special Tree organized a "shopping night" where the ladies gathered to pick out dresses, accessories and shoes for the prom. The air was filled with excitement as they made their selections, tried on dresses, and talked about the upcoming party. And no matter what their selection, the one thing every woman wore leaving was a smile.

And this week, the guys got their own special day. Fitted for tuxedos with their requested color schemes, the men are sure to look their sharpest when they take to the dance floor.

Tradition is that you look your absolute best for a formal dance, and some of the clients attending have never had the opportunity to go to Prom. It's never too late to accomplish a life goal. Tonight will surely be a "Night to Remember" (this year's prom theme!)