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A Glass Act

By Rebecca Potter, MS, LLP, CBIS, BCBA 


Special Tree Psychologist



On June 9th the Women’s Therapy Support group of Troy headed out to explore a day of yore at Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. Ladies: Violet L. of Moravian, Laura M. of Beverly Hills and Dusanka E. and Lisa G. of Trevino arrived via four wheeled coach to be greeted by their tour guides, Staff member Rebecca Potter, Limited Licensed Psychologist and psychology student Leigh Jouppi.

After entering through the gates the ladies were greeted by the whistle blow of the old steam engine awaiting her boarding passengers at the Firestone Train Station. Rounding the first corner past the Soybean Lab Agricultural Gallery the ladies were pleasantly surprised by that old familiar “aaaoooogggaaa” sound of the passing Model T Ford.

First on the agenda was a glass pulling class at the Glass Shop. The ovens were fired up and ready to go as the instructor suited each lady up for safety. Each lady was suited up in safety goggles, protective arm sheaths, an apron, and gloves. First up was Lady Violet. The instructor explained the process of how each lady would participate in the actual pulling of the glass, the uniqueness of the colors of the glass before and after being exposed to the high heat produced in the ovens, and the need for the pulled glass to be tempered for 24 hours to cool slowly so it would not break.



Violet suited up and ready to pull some glass

Laura was so excited to see Violet pulling her glass flower that she stood up to get a better view, while Dusanka assisted the instructor in pulling the glass with the glass tweezers.





Dusanka and the instructor pull the glass with tweezers

Lady Lisa used the glass paddle to flatten the glass in preparation of pulling. Lady Laura used the tweezers to pull her straight tail flower into shape. Laura was unique in that she was the only lady to choose a straight tail on her flower.




Lisa flattens her glass in preparation of pulling

After the glass pulling activity the ladies dined on Michigan sourced foods available at the Michigan Café. Three of the ladies chose the pulled pork sandwich while one feasted on the Michigan cherry salad and soup. All ladies received a Henry Ford/Greenfield Village commemorative cup. After lunch the ladies and guides set out to explore the village. Just past the homes of Robert Frost and Noah Webster the ladies stopped for a short break at the Cotswold Cottage. Rounding out the trip across from the Wright Brother’s Home and Cycle Shop the ladies learned about millinery (hat making) at the Cohen Millinery and catsup at the Heinz House.

After a fun filled 6 hours the ladies boarded their 4 wheeled coach and headed back into the present day. Approximately 1 week after the trip the ladies each received their flowers as they had completed the curing process.