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Go Buckeyes!

Although she loves football, it’s not always easy being a fan. When most of us tune in on a Saturday to catch our favorite college team play, we usually gear up in green and white, or maze and blue. But Elizabeth, a client at Moravian West, stands out. She is a fan that proudly sports scarlet and gray. Born and raised in Ohio, she will proudly tell you she’s a Buckeye fan, and has been all her life.

Despite being such a die-hard fan, Elizabeth had never been to a game. Of course she wanted to and often spoke about it to Moravian West Residential Program Manager, Beth W. One of the impressive things about Special Tree’s residential staff is their passion for taking client’s interests to heart. This was the case when Beth surprised Elizabeth with tickets to the OSU vs. Penn State game. Just as impressive were the RSTs who traded in their Spartan gear for, gulp, the forbidden colors of the Buckeye to travel to Columbus, Ohio with Elizabeth for her first Ohio State football game.

It was an early morning and a long trip, but Elizabeth will enthusiastically tell you it was worth it. Walking into Ohio Stadium was a dream come true. Dressed in her OSU best, she cheered on her team to a victory of 38 to 14 against Penn State. A victory that she’s still smiling about.

Now when Elizabeth tunes in to watch the Buckeyes play in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, she’ll watch the game from a different perspective. She can now tell her fellow viewers that she’s stood among thousands of screaming fans as the Buckeyes stormed the field and personally felt the excitement of a victory. Go Buckeyes!