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A Great Musical Experience

By: Kari Webster

NeuroCare Center Activity Aide

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill in Canton provided comfort and hospitality for the showing of “The Grease Musical” put on by Forever Productions, which consisted of a 35 member chorus composed of very talented youths from Plymouth, Canton and surrounding communities. They gave an outstanding performance and took us back to Rydell High, Danny Zuko and Sandy, along with the groovy T-Birds and the Pink Ladies! The cast gave a wonderful performance and the stage props and the clothing they were over the top and were above and beyond mine and Coleen's expectations. Such a talented group of young adults shined on the stage and outdid themselves!

This was certainly an unforgettable outing. A short ride down the rode, stepping into a quaint but elegant theater to slip away from the day to day activities at NCC to a memorable step back into the late 50's and just a few days prior to Coleen's birthday, I saw this as a special way for her to celebrate. Sure the play was great as I mentioned but even better was Coleen's reaction to it all. It was simply awesome to see her enjoy herself, to see her smile throughout the play, see her point out some of the cast and their skits, and to have her be so appreciative and thankful as we left the theater. Sure, the play was good, but her enjoyment of the time spent there was what was awesome. I am so glad she enjoyed her outing and pre-birthday celebration.