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Hearts of Compassion

Submitted by Choyia Jackson, Special Tree Residential Services Technician
I wrote this poem as an appreciation for all staff, clients, and family members. Often times we go through our days in auto-pilot. Sometimes a pleasant “Thank You” reminds us that our daily duty to help one other regardless to color, disability, race, or ethnicity doesn’t go un-recognized. I hope this poem acknowledges and shows appreciation to those individuals that give so willingly of themselves everyday. I hope this will serve as a good gesture to keep things in balance.


“Hearts of Compassion”


To care is to believe that your heart can stretch miles to reach anyone, anywhere
No matter the time or the place
Regardless if you can recognize the persons face
As humans we need nurturing emotions to thrive and live
It’s no different than the generous forms of empathy that we give
Day in and day out to have the belief in our spirit to carry the strength for a person in need
We often follow each others examples of integrity and take the lead
To be able to assist them even if the time has past for us to leave
To have the finesse and caress of a gentle hand
Especially when we all have those days when life has us feeling like we are sinking in quicksand
The “Science of Caring” reminds us that we have so much to give.
It should make us realize that we all need this to live.
We can often take for granted the life that we lead
Unfortunately it can put us in the mindset of disbelief
Seeking refuge from reality and feeling desensitized by everyday events
If you are looking for a safe haven;
Seek and you shall find
You will find in all of us the heart and soul that compassion calls home
A home that is never vacant;
This beautiful place is completely welcoming to anyone who may feel alone.
Whether rehabilitation be your goal or if this is just the place that’s your therapy stepping stone.
Owning the knowledge to be diverse in the caring for others is an amazing task
Allowing you to be exposed and vulnerable, wearing no mask.
Whether it be one day or an extended lifetime of happiness
There is no reason for anyone to ever feel empty or an ounce of hopelessness.