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A Job Well Done

Midland Administrative Assistant Kim Campbell needed an extra box Kleenex on her desk when she came into work on May 24th.  That was her last official day of being a job mentor to Jordon, a 23-year-old student from Midland Public School’s Post-secondary Transition Program for students with special needs. 

Since September, Kim has worked closely with Jordan two mornings a week at Special Tree on developing skills to help her transition to a paying job in the community.  Jordan impressed Kim right away by how quickly she got her work routine down, which includes light clerical work like filing, faxing, and Xeroxing, “Jordan took her responsibilities at Special Tree very seriously and did an amazing job,” said Kim.  

More importantly, Kim saw tremendous growth in Jordan’s self-confidence as she learned to work independently and communicate with staff and clients more easily.  “Kim helped me a lot,” said Jordan.  Kim was especially thrilled when Jordan recently shared the good news that she was hired for a part-time position in a daycare.  “I’m so happy for her. It makes me feel like I did my job as a role model,” said Kim.  Jordan is the second student Kim has mentored from the program and she’s looking forward to working with a new student in the fall.  “It’s a good feeling to help these kids grow.”   

Kim and Jordon take a break from working on Jordon's last day