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Knock, Knock... It's the Holidays!

By: Tonya Bryant, CBIS
Residential Manager
Webster Court

This year the staff at Webster Court wanted to do something fun with our clients to get them in the holiday spirit.  We decided to have a Holiday door decorating contest.  All week long we have encouraged any visitors at Webster Court to take a walk through and vote for the most creative and festive door. Tom had a box of Godiva chocolates set outside his door to share with all of those who stopped by to vote.  This afternoon we tallied up our votes and we have our winners.  In first place we have Tom, known at Webster Court as “The Mayor.”  He won a $20 gift certificate to Fanatic U. In second place we have Shanay, who a $10 gift certificate to Dots.  In third place we have Bill who took home a $5 gift certificate to Fanatic U.  Staff also decorated the office door to join in on the fun.  Everyone enjoyed this contest and we plan to make a holiday tradition at Webster Court.

Tom, "The Mayor" who's festive door was awarded 1st place

Shanay's door adorned in red and green and got her the number 2 spot 

Humble, yet festive Bill was awarded 3rd in the contest

Happy Holidays!