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By Stephen McConnaughey, Outpatient Client

Hi my name is Stephen McConnaughey I am an outpatient at Special Tree. My accident that caused my t.b.i. and other physical injuries happened September 8, 2008 and I was in Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak until October 31, of the same year when I was transferred to the Trevino Special Tree group home. I resided there for two months until I returned home to my home in Royal Oak. I have had a remarkable recovery compared to where I was when I first came to Special Tree. With the help of the great staff and programs I’ve went from being in a wheelchair and very self defeated to being able to walk again almost fully normal and finishing up and graduating an associate’s degree program in paralegal that I was involved in before my accident. I owe a lot to all my therapists who guided me through all my many obstacles. I am now in the process of looking for employment and getting back a drivers license so I can have a fulfilling life. After a shattered pelvis, t.b.i., and other issues I thought this might not happen. But I always kept tenacity and a positive view towards this which at times wasn’t that easy. I just wish everyone going through these trying things could come as far as I have, and wish them the very best in their journey to overcome these life changing events. I also participate in a lot of the activities I did prior to my accident I write and play and record music and play several musical instruments and I find it very enjoyable to garden and commune with nature as the photograph of me reveals. Wishing you all well!