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Teen clients at Special Tree's pediatric community residence are learning about the importance of giving back.  The boys recently made 60 life-saving para cord bracelets for Operation Gratitude, a national organization that sends care packages to U.S. Troops overseas.  Para cord bracelets are known as life saving or survival bracelets because Troops in active duty can use the bracelets for rope, fixing gear, and often contribute to saving a life.  

"The boys really enjoyed making the bracelets and still request to do it," said Residential Case Manager Joyce Bengston who organized the project.  Joyce found instructions for making the braclets on Operation Gratitude's website and purchased the inexpensive materials ($0.70/ea for braclet clip and $0.10/ft for para cord) at a local Army/Navy store.  She said the bracelets weren't difficult to make and that the boys made 2-4 per hour once they got the hang of it.  "This was a great project and everyone had a lot of fun!"  For more info visit Operation Gratitude's website at: