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Pay Day at Last!

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting your first paycheck, even if you have to wait until you’re 59! Client Dusanka was thrilled to get her first paycheck EVER for her vocational work in Special Tree’s Day Treatment Service’s in-house ceramics studio where she creates ceramics and keeps the studio clean and organized. “Dusanka is a hard worker and voluntarily takes on extra tasks,” said DTS Manager Kathy Gray. Dusanka has a long work history — just not for jobs she got paid to do. After immigrating from Romania, she raised three kids and helped care for her five grandchildren. Working in the studio has dramatically changed Dusanka’s outlook on her abilities adds Kathy. “Instead of saying she can’t do something, she’s now focused on what she can do to make more money!”

But Dusanka’s new job has given her more than just money -- it’s also boosted her self-confidence. In October, she bravely spoke about her work experiences to a large crowd at the Michigan Rehabilitation Conference in Grand Rapids. Dusanka, her co-worker David, and DTS staff made the trek across the state to participate in the Conference’s Micro Enterprise Mall where they sold over $500 worth of client-made ceramics at Special Tree’s product booth.

Ceramic works by Dusanka and other clients in the DTS vocational program are on display (and for sale) at the Troy Neuro Skills Center. You can also purchase ceramics by contacting the ceramics sale manager at