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Spring is finally here, and while everyone is gearing up for the warmer weather, Special Tree clients got to gear up for prom.
Special Tree’s annual Spring Fling Dance for clients and alumni is almost here, and this year’s event has a special theme: prom night. The idea to do a prom for Spring Fling came from a Special Tree client who expressed her goal of attending prom.

“We’re pulling out all the stops to make it a memorable night,” said Special Tree staff Debbie Justice, who has organized Spring Fling since 2000.  To help clients get ready for prom, the Spring Fling Prom Committee held “Diva Day” on April 5th where clients had the chance to pick out dresses, shoes and accessories. Over 40 dresses were gathered for interested clients to pick out, try on and model – an opportunity that put smiles on everyone’s faces.  

“I am terribly excited. Everything came out so great and everyone here is so wonderful,” said client Kelly R. “I really appreciate everything.”

Most of the dresses were donated thanks to the efforts of the Facebook group “Everything is Free,” a page for donating and receiving items and services.  The page’s creator Brianne Blanks said events like Diva Day is why she originally started the group and that she and her friends were happy to donate articles of clothing.

“We were so happy to be able to donate to these women,” said Blanks. “Every girl deserves to have that prom night and we’re so happy we could be a part of this.”

The event was a hit. Clients from all over Special Tree gathered to try on dresses and the reactions alone were enough to mark this Diva Day as one that will be remembered.

“I thought it went really great,” said Spring Fling Prom Committee member Cathy Wojtas, who helped organize the Diva Day. “The ladies were excited, the staff was excited and everyone seemed to have a great time. I had one client come up to me and start crying when she had her dress and it made me cry too. It’s just so nice that they have a little shopping and princess time.”