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By: Rebecca Cowell and Joyce Krause

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax”  Mark Black

And what better way to relax than to gaze at a beautiful scene. Jamal Bell, a student at Special Tree's  Livonia Student Center and budding artist, along with the organizational help of Christopher Waterman painted a lovely scene on one of the ceiling tiles in the new relaxing massage therapy room at the NeuroCare Center North. Imagine this: entering the dimly lit womb like room, with a comfortable place to set your body as you recline on the plush massage table you are drawn to gazing up at the tropical oasis encouraging you to take a deep breathe for maybe the first time of the day. Your mind is invited to wander with soothing music and therapeutic touch as you escape into the tropical paradise of sun, sand and soothing waters. Ahhhhhh, great work Jamal!

Jamal and Chris brighten up the Livonia Student Center with artwork for the Discover! Summer Program

Jamal's tile from the view of the massage table at the NeuroCare Center