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Residential Outing Leads to Emotional Reunion for Client

motorcycle reunion

Special Tree has a fabulous reputation for helping clients achieve the best outcomes possible. But sometimes an outcome turns out to be bigger and better than a client could ever have imagined.  That’s what happened to Keith M., a client at our Riverview location, who was enjoying a night out with staff on April 13th as part of his Quality of Life (QOL) goal when the unexpected occurred.

Keith’s goal was to have a steak at Outback Steakhouse and then shoot some pool.  QOL goals are based on a Quality of Life Survey that every residential client takes at the beginning of the year to identify three obtainable goals they would like to accomplish to enhance their quality of life.  Residential House Managers and their staff, plus any other representative involved (case manager, guardian), help each client to accomplish at least one goal, but ideally all three, over the course of the year.

After eating dinner at Outback Steakhouse, staff took Keith to My Place in Wyandotte to play pool, a suggestion from his sister Rose who often takes him there on their weekly visits.  A man at the bar recognized Keith and as soon as Keith read the name “John” on the man’s motorcycle vest, they shared an emotional moment as the two longtime friends connected for the first time in 9 years. Following Keith’s accident, John participated in a fundraiser for Keith but had lost track of him. Staff took down John’s contact information and with permission from Keith and his family, invited John to come to the house and visit.

About a month later, John rounded up a group of Keith’s old buddies and they rolled up to his house on their motorcycles.  According to staff it was apparent that Keith, an avid motorcycle rider before his accident, was truly in his element. He was able to see many familiar faces, including a lifelong friend he’s known since the 5th grade.  Staff said they were overcome with emotion and happiness to see Keith regain such an important part of his life since his accident. The gang promised to visit Keith and staff even invited them all back for a cookout this summer.

by Amber Shaw, Communications Coordinator