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Residential Team Members Face-off at Trivia Showdown

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When it comes to team building events, our fabulous Residential Services crew really like to go all in to make them as fun and engaging as possible for RSTs (Residential Services Technicians) at Special Tree’s community residences.  At their most recent and highly anticipated event, four residential teams gathered at Rosie O’Grady’s in Ferndale to compete in the final Residential Town Hall Trivia Championship which was live streamed on Special Tree’s intranet.

Watch the hIghlights video:

Town Hall meetings are an informal way for our Residential Management team to meet all of the amazing RSTs on their teams. At the meeting, they enjoy lunch and share information about what’s going on in the Residential world. Through interactive games, they test staff’s knowledge on Special Tree’s company history, policies, procedures, and everyday tasks.

In 2018, they had a total of 16 town hall meetings over the course of the year, with four teams advancing to the final championship this winter. The final four teams included Tyler I’s “Fabulous Four”, Middlebranch’s “Warriors”, Tyler II’s ‘Kickin’ Chickens”, and Chesley’s “Lovely Ladies.” The four teams combined had a total of almost 140 years of working experience on board and they were quizzed Jeopardy! Game Show style with questions on a variety of subjects relating to Special Tree.

The Residential Management team did a wonderful job organizing and conducting the games and the teams were filled with excitement when they got the right answers. “How to Do Your Job”, “His-Tree” (History of Special Tree), “Residential Policies & Procedures”, and “What the What” (General Knowledge) were just a few of the Jeopardy! categories that were clever and full of useful information.

The championship included a variety of physical challenges that were fun to participate in and even more amusing to watch. The teams competed in activities like sorting skittles, emptying a tissue box only one tissue at a time, stacking cups, shaking balls out of a tissue box attached to a belt, and a fan favorite, the Pie Face Game loaded with whipped cream and ready to hit an unsuspecting victim in the face at random.

Congratulations to the winning team, Tyler I’s “Fabulous Four”, for not only winning the Trivia Challenge but also for winning bragging rights and a shiny new gold trophy! Everyone is a winner when we provide such fabulous care, every single day.