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Shutterbugs Compete in Photo Contest

The winners are in!

Staff photographers from across our company submitted their best photographs and though it wasn’t an easy choice, in the end, seven photos were chosen from among the all great entries.

Psychologist Ashley Curtiss (UFL), Children’s Services Associate Director Christine Morobito (UML), Nurse Joan Connolly (UMR), Physical Therapist Lindsey Ritterdorf (UFR), Program Coordinator Angie Joquico (LL), Team Leader Chris Waterman (LM), and Program Leader Eugene Nemeth (LR).

Curtiss took her photo during a surprise trip to Traverse City last summer, while Morobito took her’s in her childhood town.

“I grew up walking across that bridge, and I have many fond memories spending time with my family playing on the beach and going swimming with my cousins.” She said.“That’s the moment I wanted to capture.”

Ritterdorf’s comes from a trip to Hawaii during a snorkeling tour, while Waterman, who has loved photography since he was a junior in highschool, took his photo in Haiti during a service trip with his church.

“We were hauling cinderblocks up a hill so that a church building could be built there, and these two boys just loved to be around us,” he said. “I took a short break from the heavy lifting to back-peddle down the hill with camera in-hand while trying to capture a bit of the joy in their spirits. It's amazing that they could have so much fun with such minimal resources.”

Finally, Nemeth snapped his picture at Cocoa Beach, Fl during a Special Tree vacation for residents at Williams and Riverview. The hungry pelican was keeping an eye on some nearby fishermen, making a great subject for Nemeth and his (then) new lens.

Nice job Special Tree shutterbugs. Go check out their work in high resolution at the NeuroCare Center North Conference Room Detroit.