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Smoky Mountain Air

Earlier this month a group of clients from the Cottage and Webster Court ventured down to Tennessee for a trip filled with shopping, museums and sightseeing. Taken in by the beauty of the Smokey Mountains, clients Ed, Joe and Mark expressed interest in seeing things from a bird’s eye view. In the spirit of Living the Science of Caring, our staff inquired if it were possible to get the clients, two of whom were in wheelchairs, aboard for a helicopter tour ride.

It was an act of true teamwork as staff members Devin and Melissa lifted Ed and Joe, one by one, into the helicopter. Inside, RST Tonya pulled them through and helped maneuver them into the seats. Without a chest strap in the helicopter to keep Ed upright, Tonya held him up with her arms through the entire ride so he could see out the window. The dedication it took to get everyone into the helicopter was remarkable, but it couldn’t compare to the eight minutes and sixteen seconds they spent taking in the amazing view of the city and the Smokey Mountains.

When they landed and went to get their souvenir pictures the scenic tours staff confessed they had never seen a group so devoted to what they do. Tonya proudly responded, “That’s because we Live the Science of Caring.”

They certainly do!