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Special Tree Expands Continuum With Home Health Care

Special Tree is excited to announce Home Health Care, a new home-based program to help individuals make a smooth transition home.  Whether a person wants to return home or to live on their own in the community, Special Tree's Home Health Care team provides customized care and support to help them achieve their goals for more independence.  Special Tree’s Cortney Richert explains how Home Health Care is helping individuals to head home with confidence.

What is the goal of Special Tree’s Home Health Care services?
Our goal is to assist individuals that have experienced life altering circumstances, to live as independently as possible, while maximizing their potential. This is accomplished through a collaboration with the entire rehabilitation team and natural supports.  The program provides individuals with an opportunity to reach higher independence, and often return home with family and/or our Home Health Care services.  We support their goals for indpendence by meeting them where they are.

How do you determine if someone is a good fit for Home Health Care?

Determining an appropriate fit is a team effort in deciding whether or not a person will receive home care services. Our typical client is someone who has been working toward the goal of independence, and has set specific goals in order to live on their own and/or with support from our team.  Setting and tracking specific goals, assists the client, their family, other pertinent team members with understanding what is expected of them once they live more independently, and what supports will be needed from our Home Health Care team.

What is your role in Home Health Care?
​My role is to ensure quality care by providing necessary supports through our Home Health Care team members. This includes recruiting, screening and hiring top quality staff; providing ongoing training, supervision, and medical appointment management; and includes a 24 hour on-call emergency line to assist clients and staff.Can you give an example of how Home Health Care helps clients achieve more independence?.

What sets Special Tree’s Home Health Care apart?

Special Tree Home Health Care team members are recruited and screened in order to determine the highest level of excellence.  Team members participate in extensive instruction and on-the-job the training that is specific to working with folks with TBIs and SCIs. Our staff receive the same high quality training as do Special Tree’s Residential staff.  Additionally, team members receive continued education each month during staff meetings, and other required learning objectives.

How do you determine the right mix of supports to help clients achieve success in a home-setting?

We work closely with a clinical team, including Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and others when determining what supports are necessary, and what the client should be striving to accomplish on their own. Most clients we serve are working every single day to reach a higher level of independence, and we adjust the types and levels of supports that are provided as clients progress in order to meet their changing needs. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Progress comes every day, even if by the smallest margins, as our team encourages clients to build upon their successes.  Most of our clients have truly followed the continuum of care, by beginning at our Neuro Care Center, and working toward their treatment goals, and then returning to their own residence.  We are rewarded when we see our clients become more independent, society-contributing individuals within their home and community.

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