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Special Tree helps clients stay connected and avoid social isolation

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we want to assure you that Special Tree is taking the appropriate measures to keep our clients, staff, and families safe.

Our most important goal is to mitigate the effects of this crisis and manage the situation as best as we can. We are making decisions and, if necessary, modifying current practices to align with that goal. Each day, our COVID-19 Watch Team connects to monitor symptom and illness status, review updates from the CDC, WHO, and the Michigan Department of Health, discuss staffing and communication needs, and make real time decisions to actively manage the latest developments.

Per Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order on March 14, 2020, visitor restrictions are in effect at all Special Tree locations which includes family, friends, deliveries, vendors, and others. We have reduced traffic in our buildings by temporarily suspending some services to reduce exposure in as many instances as possible. We are working hard to help clients stay connected and avoid any social isolation they may experience during this difficult time. We have technology available for virtual visits and are encouraging clients and their loved ones to connect through Face Time and Skype calls. Our staff are also working closely with clients to keep their phones fully charged. Our activities team has ramped up programming at our NeuroCare Center and residential homes to provide additional activities for clients. Our Psych and Social Work staff are providing resources and ongoing support to staff and clients.

We will continue to aggressively monitor COVID-19.  We are acting with an abundance of caution, reinforcing our policies and protocols for contagious illnesses, and ensuring our staff continue to have the resources they need to provide fabulous everyday care every day.

To date, the efforts of our staff to follow standard precautions are working to keep our clients protected from COVID-19.  Their talents and exceptional commitment to our clients have been evident through this global crisis and we’re grateful for everything they’re doing to contribute to our COVID-19 response.