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Special Tree Honors Ol' Timers

Each year, Special Tree recognizes the dedication and contributions of staff with 10 or more years of service with a recognition luncheon affectionately called “The Ol’ Timer Luncheon.”

Special Tree is proud to have over 100 "Ol’Timers," who recently gathered in May at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI to enjoy a gourmet lunch and to give special recognition to colleaguescelebrating milestone anniversaries (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35). Milestone honorees were presented with plaques and praise from supervisors.

A highlight of the event was a tribute to Special Tree’s longest-serving Ol’ Timer, co-founder Doc Richert, who is retiring after 40 years as Special Tree’s Medical Director. CEO Joe Richert and Physician Assistant Kelly Barker praised Doc for the vision that he and his wife Jean had in establishing Special Tree back in 1974. Doc was also recognized for his 55 year career as a family physician. A plaque honoring Doc will be unveiled at a ceremony at the NeuroCare Campus in Romulus, MI in June.

Congrats to this year's milestone honoreees:

10 years
Dana Barnes
Conswaylo Brown
Tamanay Daniels
Charyn Esters
Nancy Goldberg
Devin Mixon
Sylvia Mullins
Samantha Murphy
Amanda Ohrt
Jill Prisza
Phillip Raymond
James Richert
Elizabeth Westergaard

15 years
Peggy Allen- Bock
Vickie Gunnell
Lori Hall
Angie Joquico
Melissa Lempicki
Shella Smith
Carolyn Walker


20 years
Janice Cannon
Theresa Dore
Vickie Lambert
Cindy Manetta

25 years
Cathi Connors
Jack Richert

30 years
Roy Bartoloni

35 years
Lyle Williams

Find more photos on Special Tree's facebook page!