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Special Tree Shines at Re:Con 2018

Special Tree was well represented at re:con 2018, the premiere event for vocational professionals in Michigan.   The annual two-day conference in Traverses City features professional workshops, panel discussions, and merchandising opportunities for micro-businesses like InPro Enterprises that employ individuals with disabilities.

Among the workshop presenters was Special Tree’s Rene Dell, Assoc. Director of Vocational Services, whose presentation “Effective Vocational Counseling as a Path to Long Term Vocational Success” attracted a crowd and was well-received.   Rene was joined by Vocational team members Tara Forster, Blair Harrison, Kelly Hott and Heidi Nadobny who attended the conference for professional development as well as inspiration.  “It’s a wonderful conference and we always bring back new ideas for vocational assessments and counseling sessions as well as new ways to expand our work enclaves and merchandise for clients to make and sell,” said Rene.

The conference was also a great opportunity to spotlight Special Tree’s Vocational programs.  Special Tree’s exhibit booth was hopping thanks to Neal Dregansky, Marketing, and Jacob Spicer, Voc, who interacted with attendees.  A big conference highlight was the InPro Enterprises booth which sold nearly $600 in handmade items from Special Tree's greenhouse, ceramics, art studio, and woodshop vocationl programs!. Thanks to team members Laura Collopy and Doug Bouldin who provided support and assistance to clients working the booth.