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Client Resources:
• Triumph
• United Spinal Association
• Find a PMR physician
• American Disability Act
• US Department of Veterans Affairs:
• Paralyzed Veterans of America:
• Michigan Medicine Link:
• Christopher Reeve Foundation
• NorCal SCI 
• University of Alabama Model System of SCI
• SCIRE Project: Community Education and resources for client
• SCI-U Educational Videos
• Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living
• My Shepherd Connection
• Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center
• Clinical Trials
• National Institute of Health: Research: 
• Research: UofM
• Research American Spinal Cord Injury Association
• Educational and Research Information
Peer Support Educational Sites:
• Triumph Foundation
• United Spinal Association
• Support/Sports/Social Media Blog
• Social Blog Education
• Living Spinal-Advance Paralysis Research with Each Other
• NorCal SCI 
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You Are Not Alone-Dealing With Spinal Cord Injury
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Search Spinal Cord Injury
Hiring Personal Care Assistant:
• Shepherd Hospital Resource Guide
• Paralyzed Veterans of America:
• Christopher Reeves Foundation
Adaptive Equipment:
• Adaptive Equipment: National Mobility Equipment Dealers
• Living Spinal
Staff Education:
• Staff education:
• NorCal SCI 
• American Spinal Cord Injury Association
• SCIRE Project: Professional Education
• Paralyzed Veterans of America
Wellness and Health:
• National Wellness Institute