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Staff Honored for Dedication to Quality

Special Tree takes great pride in the recognitions we’ve earned for our commitment to quality, but we’re especially proud of our staff members who strive for quality excellence in everything they do each and every day.  Special Tree recognizes staff for their outstanding dedication to quality with the coveted “Lynn Slevin” Quality Award, named after Lynn Slevin, Special Tree’s Quality Officer who retired in 2015.

CEO Joe Richert presented this year’s award to Special Tree Registered Dietitians Jill Bruce and Brahmlin Sethi at the annual Ol’ Timer Recognition Luncheon on May 13, 2016.   Jill and Brahmlin were nominated for the award by fellow staff for their commitment to improve client satisfaction and health as well as the general health of staff through several company-wide programs including:

Quarterly Residential Food Service Training
Regular In-service Classes on Nutrition and Food Safety
Healthy Living Challenge for Staff
Annual Healthy Soup Challenge
Guidance on Nutritional Menus at all our Facilities
Individualized Client Nutritional Support and Education

Congratulations to Jill and Brahmlin as well as to Special Tree’s honorable mentions including:

Lisa Bray, NCC Operational Manager
Vickie Lambert, Manager of Safety & Support Services
Suzanne Morrison, Social Worker, NCC South
The Residential Team & Residential AOD Team.