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Storms Hold Off for Client Picnic

With the threat of a thunderstorm in the forecast, 30+ members of Special Tree’s Community Living Skills (CLS) groups trekked out for their annual picnic at Metro Park hosted by the Tuesday CLS group on June 21, 2011. Clients in the group contributed their time and talents to make the event a big success including designing the rockin’ t-shirts (thanks Doug), creating the picnic banner (thanks Carol), shopping for picnic supplies, and cooking delicious dishes including a tasty chicken cobbler. Some client family members joined the picnic, including the newest member of one client’s family, Duke, an Australian Shepherd puppy that stole the hearts of all who attended. “A good time was had by all!” said Special Tree Speech Therapist and a group facilitator Lauren Garrisi. “I’m so honored to be a part of the peer group.” NCC Outpatient Case Manager and group facilitator Beth Smith added, “It’s so important for staff to let clients take the runway in these types of events – and that happened yesterday. It was a perfect show of cooperation, fun, and friendship.” Steve, a CLS member, couldn’t agree more. “I was amazed at the care and respect that the staff had for each and every client’s need.” Submitted by Beth Smith, NCC Outpatient Case Manager/Social Worker