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Alex’s Story: Heading Home After Spinal Cord Injury

On September 14, 2019 everything changed for Special Tree client Alex when his motorcycle was struck by a driver going 40 mph.  He was thrown 25 feet and vividly remembers thinking “please Lord let me be able to get up from this when I land.”

As an avid biker and veteran truck driver, Alex liked to be on the move.  Now, he found himself immobilized in a hospital bed with a split pelvis, fractures in both hips and legs, and a smashed left hand.  When his body had healed enough to begin therapy, Alex experienced another setback.  When he tried to stand, he couldn’t feel his legs.  “That’s when my doctors first discovered I had a spinal cord injury.” 

After a successful surgery to repair his spinal cord, Alex was admitted to Special Tree’s Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Program in January 2020 to finally begin rehabilitation.  “I had a bunch of challenges when I first came to Special Tree, but was determined to get home as soon as I could.”