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Olympic Fever

The spirit of the Olympics brought together clients and staff from Special Tree's Day Treatment Services, Residential, and NeuroCare Center for an afternoon of games and fun at Special Tree’s Olympic Carnival on August 10th.    The NCC South parking lot was a swirl of colorful flags and creative team uniforms as clients competed for medals and prizes for their country’s team.  Congratulations to Moravian West, a.k.a.

A Winning Day for Dennis

Client Dennis L.

Knock, Knock... It's the Holidays!

By: Tonya Bryant, CBIS
Residential Manager
Webster Court

Wayne County Festival of Lights

By Jessica Bahny

Wigs and Divas

Together, At Last

Patient with amnesia reunites with mother after 40 years
One morning last January, client David P., age 65, woke up in his room at Parkway Residence and said a word he’d been trying to remember for the past 40 years, "Yemassee!"

Beverly Hills and Greenbriar Clients: Reporting from South Carolina!

As told to Angie Folkwein
Residential Best Practices
Program Coordinator

Finding Inspiration

By Dawn Vezzetti, CBIS
Residential Program Manager
Trevino Residence