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Olympic Fever

The spirit of the Olympics brought together clients and staff from Special Tree's Day Treatment Services, Residential, and NeuroCare Center for an afternoon of games and fun at Special Tree’s Olympic Carnival on August 10th.    The NCC South parking lot was a swirl of colorful flags and creative team uniforms as clients competed for medals and prizes for their country’s team.  Congratulations to Moravian West, a.k.a. Team Canada, who brought home the Gold;  Tyler’s 1 & 2 won the Silver for Team China; and the Bronze went to Trevino who represented France.  Many thanks to Angie Folkwein, Residential Best Practices Coordinator, and Neal Dregansky, DTS Manager, for organizing the event

Luck of the Irish

By: Brooke Anderson
Rehabilitation Service Technician
Greenbriar Residence

Back on the WJLB Airwaves

Kevin with Dr. Derius & Big Dog Blast
When Kevin walks into a room everyone notices. His smooth voice and warm asking, ‘What’ss up?’ let’s everyone know he’s there.

Knock, Knock... It's the Holidays!

By: Tonya Bryant, CBIS
Residential Manager
Webster Court

Thankful for a Good Harvest

This year when the clients from Moravian West sit down for their Thanksgiving dinner they’ll be thankful in a new way.  The vegetables that accompany the turkey will taste fresher, and the pumpkin pie will be a little more sweet.  That’s just one of the many beautiful things that has come from a harvest season following a summer of gardening in their backyard. 

Fried Green Tomatoes Anyone?

This is the prime time of the year for green tomatoes and no one is happier than the many fans of RST Lisia Cisero’s fried green tomatoes, which she cooks up in big batches for clients and staff at Webster Court.

Go Buckeyes!

Although she loves football, it’s not always easy being a fan. When most of us tune in on a Saturday to catch our favorite college team play, we usually gear up in green and white, or maze and blue. But Elizabeth, a client at Moravian West, stands out. She is a fan that proudly sports scarlet and gray. Born and raised in Ohio, she will proudly tell you she’s a Buckeye fan, and has been all her life.

Wayne County Festival of Lights

By Jessica Bahny
Activities Team
NeuroCare Center              

Patient Celebrates Hard-Won Achievement

NCC Outpatient Case Manager Beth Smith will never forget the message she received from her patient Donna G. that made her smile from ear-to-ear. "Hey Beth, I passed my GED!" Although Donna’s message was brief, the call was three years in the making.

Beverly Hills and Greenbriar Clients: Reporting from South Carolina!

As told to Angie Folkwein
Residential Best Practices
Program Coordinator

Clients and staff from our Beverly Hills Community Residence (clients Laura, "Mr. Benny", and Dennis and staff Michelle-APL, Mary-RST, and Kim-RPM) and from the Greenbriar Community Residence (clients Stanley, Ilene, Joanna, and Mike and staff Pat- RST, Conswaylo-RST, and Tequella-RPM) hit the road this week for a trip to South Carolina. Here is the update on their trip!