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Out of the Chair and Into the Air

Earlier this month a group of clients from the Cottage and Webster Court ventured down to Tennessee for a trip filled with shopping, museums and sightseeing. Taken in by the beauty of the Smokey Mountains, clients Ed, Joe and Mark expressed interest in seeing things from a bird’s eye view. In the spirit of Living the Science of Caring, our staff inquired if it were possible to get the clients, two of whom were in wheelchairs, aboard for a helicopter tour ride.

The Divas

When you hear of a diva, it’s easy to envision a sassy fashionista who takes a liking to shopping, makeovers and the latest Hollywood gossip. This is true of some of the world’s most famous divas, and is also the case for Special Tree’s all women, client peer group. Appropriately named…. You guessed it, The Divas.

Wigs and Divas

Together, At Last

Patient with amnesia reunites with mother after 40 years
One morning last January, client David P., age 65, woke up in his room at Parkway Residence and said a word he’d been trying to remember for the past 40 years, "Yemassee!"

Beverly Hills and Greenbriar Clients: Thursday Update from South Carolina

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