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Talking With: Linda Davis, Special Tree Greenhouse Coordinator

The greenhouse has so many different uses. Clients can come here for therapy,  vocational work, or just to relax and/or visit with family.
I only use organic sprays in the greenhouse and natural pest control.  We just held a “Lady Bug Release Party” to help with pests that are common greenhouses.
DTS clients work in the greenhouse and are growing over a dozen different herbs that they’ll dry and package to sell in a few months. 
For now, we’re only growing seasonal plants.  We’ve got some cold weather crops going including kohlrabi, beets, and turnips.
Working with plants helps clients feel a sense of accomplishment. It also can have many physical, social, and psychological benefits.
I really enjoy working with the clients.  They all bring something to the greenhouse and can participate in many different ways.
The greenhouse is a great setting for therapy. I did a training with the NCC OTs and PTs about activities for clients including starting seeds, watering, and repotting plantings.   
The NCC kitchen made a beautiful salad for the salad bar using lettuce and radishes from the greenhouse,
I’m currently looking into different grow lights to grow out-of-season crops like strawberries and cucumbers.
I want a wide variety of plants for clients to work on and I enjoy looking out for things that are different.  Come spring the greenhouse is going to explode!
I have a 500 ft. square vegetable garden in my backyard because they’re my favorite plants to grow.
I encourage staff and clients to come in for a visit.   Being in the greenhouse is so relaxing.  It’s warm, colorful, and smells wonderful.