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TBI Awareness Day At Ann Visger Elementary

“This is awesome!”  That’s how one elementary student summed up the Brain Injury Awareness Day that Special Tree organized for 300 students at Ann Visger Elementary in River Rouge on March 29 in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Speech Language Pathologists Lauren G. (NCC), Sara K. (Troy), Mary Lynn C. (NCC Intern), Vocational Coordinator Sara L., Day Treatment Services Team Member Danielle C., client James P, and Joe R., planned a full day of activities in the school’s new library just one month after its grand opening on Leap Day. 

Classes came down each hour and were split into rotating groups with each group focusing on a specific part of the brain. Kids participated in a variety of activities to help them learn which parts of the brain were responsible for skills like balance, vision, taste, smell, and touch.  Special Tree also purchased 10 bicycle helmets as prizes for drawing held throughout the day. The students not only learned about brain anatomy, but the Special Tree Team really stressed the importance of TBI prevention including wearing a seat belt and bicycle helmet.

The Special Tree Team takes a quick break from a day of educational fun at Ann Visger Elementary