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Tea Time at the Tree

by Grace D., Special Tree Recreational Therapist



Blueberry Bliss, Wild Orange Blossom, Honeybush Vanilla, Watermelon Mint Chiller…….  these are a few of the teas sampled by clients in Special Tree's Day Treatment Program in Troy.  Recreational Therapist, Grace D, provided a sensory tea tasting activity with the help of DTS staff Toria, Kristin, and Nick.   Using their sense of smell, sight and taste, the clients took turns guessing the scent of the leaves, identifying pieces of dried fruit among the tea leaves, and sipping each




tea to taste the flavor.  “My favorite tea was the Strawberry Pink Rose because it smelled really nice,” said client Lisa G.  Staff also enjoyed the activity.  Said DTS staff member Toria H.  “I never knew there were so many things to learn about tea!”