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A Team Approach to Vision Rehabilitation

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Vision is more than 20/20.  It’s also our brain’s ability to gather information with our eyes and to process the information we see.  Our brain and eyes work together to help us think, move, and make sense of the world around us.   Because of the close relationship between the brain and vision, many people experience significant vision problems after a brain injury. These visual deficits can interfere with recovery which is why vision therapy is an important part of our clients' overall rehabilitation. We asked OT Patricia Laws to explain more about the benefits of vision therapy and how Special Tree's team-approach helps to maximize visual function. 

At Special Tree, we take a collaborative approach to vision rehabilitation in our adult, teen and pediatric clients.  By collaborating our occupational therapy services and vision therapy, we maximize service and performance skills with each client. Special Tree OTs work closely with our consulting optometrist Dr. Haba, who specializes in behavorial optometry and vision therapy, to develop customize treatment plans that promote optimal visual function.

OTs provide thorough evaluations and treatment to re-store or improve performance skills in areas including visual perceptual skills, visual motor/movement skills, visual cognitive processing skills, neuro visual postural therapy and development treatment approaches in sessions.   Treatment approaches include:a combination of specialized lenses, prisms, low vision aides, and vision therapy activities designed to create new neurological pathways.  We are able to collaboratively treat a person experiencing many different symptoms that may be related to their visual dysfunction, this including but not limited to performance with reading, reading comprehension, visual attention/concentration, depth perception, handwriting, motor coordination, eye hand coordination, sports, leisure tasks, driving skills, and topographical orientation and navigation skills that are vital to function and engage in their daily environments whether it is school, work or home.