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Teen Clients Restoring Vintage Car

Now this is a summer job to brag about! Teens in the Discover Summer Vocational Youth Program are working hard to restore a rare 1960 Ford Edsel Ranger for their summer work project. Car owner Steve Kozmor, Special Tree’s Industrial Operation Center Coordinator (IOC), is overseeing this exciting project to return the car to the original sea foam beauty is was in the 60s. With additional support from Special Tree job coaches, the students are also building basic work skills for future employment in the community.

The group has accomplished a lot since beginning the restoration project at the IOC in June. So far, the students have washed the car and removed the engine, front end, doors, carpeting, and interior seating. All removable parts are off the car and students are in the process of sand blasting and painting the parts as well as the interior of the car. Stay tuned for updates on the restoration as the students have been documenting their progress by taking photographs and recording their completed job tasks daily!