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Thank you Rehabilitation Service Technicians!

“They really are the backbone of Special Tree.”

That was the sentiment that Nursing Director Della Buchanan shared about Special Tree’s Residential Service Technicians (RST.) On duty 24/7, 365 days a year, RSTs help clients with personal care and activities of daily living, support our nursing staff, and manage meals, medication, and household tasks at Special Tree's NeuroCare Campus and residential locations. RST week begins on June 14 and Buchanan and many others had a lot to say about how much they appreciate the work they do. Most agreed that RSTs are the backbone of Special Tree staff, but that’s not all they are.

“During my initial training, the staff instructors really emphasized that the RSTs are the first line of defense in our client’s lives,” said ResidentialServices Administrative Assistant Cathy Wojtas. “They’re usually the first ones to notice changes and the ones that let us know as quickly as possible. They’re all very close to their clients."

“It takes a very special person to do that kind of work. RSTs are our eyes and ears and they know their clients completely,” said Buchanan.“They bathe and feed them and provide a lot of TLC. They help them have increased independence and give praise for even the smallest accomplishments. They are an integral part of Special Tree and I value them greatly. I think they’re wonderful.”

There’s plenty in store for the RSTs during their appreciation week including activities, special treats, and prize give-aways including a drawing for six $25 gas cards. Cold drinks will also be available at the Troy and Romulus Neuro Skills Centers for the staff on transport duties and will continue throughout the summer as the temperature increases. The ResidentialServices staff is also planning a Spirit Week with a different theme each day.

Special Tree CEO Joe Richert nicely summed up the critical role of RSTs at Special Tree.

“It’s our aim at Special Tree to provide the best care possible and to help reintegrate our clients back into society. That would not be possible without all the hard work that our RSTs provide. They’re really caring individuals and I thank them.”

RST Vonnica Jones

RST Victoria Asubonteng

Reliable: a buddy you can count on.
Enriching: always bettering yourself.
Honest: trustworthy and true.
Accomodating: always taking care of others.
Best: at what you do.

So: energetic and
Essesntial: to everyone you serve.
Rare: gem. You are so
Valuable: to everyone here.
Incredible: amazingly awesome.
Caring: candid, cheerful and
Excellent: in the care you give.

Thorough: attentive to details.
Efficient: succeeding in all you do.
Comforting: cooperative and just plain
Heroic: we thank you again and again.