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Thank you for your continued patience and support as we make our way through COVID-19

To date, of approximately 150 clients in our system, 7 have tested positive for the virus. Out of roughly 650 employees, 14 have tested positive.

Our COVID-19 team continues to examine how we can best communicate information to you, our staff, and our communities. We’re committed to providing you with up-to-date information on how we’re dealing with the challenges presented by COVID-19 as well as ensuring we meet ever-changing requirements and guidelines from the CDC, State of Michigan, and other accrediting bodies.

This week, Special Tree’s Leadership team met to begin planning for the next phase of COVID-19 – when the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order expires on April 30th. Those plans will include how to safely reopen Special Tree and what that means for our staff and for families who are anxious to see their loved ones. As we mentioned in last week’s communication, we’ll begin to carefully phase in some of our old routines at Special Tree including admitting new clients into our system, bringing administrative staff back to the office, enabling transportation for clients to attend essential appointments, welcoming visitors once again, and more. The team is also looking at ways we can do things differently, such as new work routines and modified rehabilitation practices, to ensure the continued safety and protection of our clients, staff, and communities.

Hopeful Signs in Michigan’s COVID-19 Fight

We were encouraged by news this week that on Monday, April 21st Michigan reported its lowest one-day COVID-19 case total since March 26th, and its lowest increase in deaths since April 6th and hope this trend continues. Read more here.

We continue to protect our clients and staff in as many ways as possible to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on the steps we’re taking in response to COVID-19 and encourage you to reach out to your Case Manager or Residential Program Manager with your questions and concerns.