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The month of October is upon us again. Aside from the familiar October colors, the fall browns, reds, golds, and of course, orange- one other color has begun to wiggle its way into the month normally associated with pumpkins and gourds. On your trips out to the store recently, you may have noticed the color pink jumping out at you from the shelves. Everything from clothing and hats to coffee mugs and even kitchen appliances are blazoned with the famous “pink ribbon”.
If you’ve wandered down the halls here at Special Tree lately, you’ll see our staff sporting pink gloves! That’s right! Everyone from nurses to housekeepers are wearing pink pearl gloves in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Support Services Coordinator Vickie Lambert collaborated with Medline, our supplies company, to use this as a fun, unique way to support a cause that hits home for many of us. For each box of gloves purchased, Medline donates $1 for breast cancer research. On the floor, the consensus is clear. The staff are having fun with the pink gloves, and it’s a great statement as well.
Vickie says to look forward to blue gloves to support Brain Injury Awareness Month in March. How cool is that ?!
By Jessica Bahny
Activities Team
NeuroCare Center